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REFUGE Dallas – Bible Study


REFUGE is a non-denominational Christian organization that holds a Bible Study for all ages. They have Bible Studies available for young people, adults and children.

The Bible Study at REFUGE is an open-air service that is held weekly on a Friday evening in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. TFWA was chosen because it has ample space with up to two thousand members of the community coming out to listen to the study on each Friday evening.

Jesus Christ preached at the synagogue during his ministry, and REFUGE believes this meeting place will help provide many opportunities for people to come close to God and His Word.

REFUGE Dallas is an organization that teaches and discusses the Bible in a progressive format with a focus on social justice.

The organization was founded in 2007 by Chris Seay and is based on the idea that people of diverse backgrounds should learn about the different, but intersecting strands of Christianity.

Their goal is not just to talk about scripture, but to engage Bible study through community building events. Their website offers many different resources for those looking to study or host their own Bible Study program.

REFUGE Dallas exists to provide life-giving hope for those who are homeless and in need. They offer a place for Bible study, church services, and meal provision.

In addition to providing these vital services, they also help people find housing and jobs through their connections with local businesses.

REFUGE Dallas is a Bible study community in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. It was founded in 2016 by Andrew and Sarah Keeton, who saw the need for more people to live out their faith in community.

REFUGE Dallas is an outdoor group that hosts weekly outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, and kayaking trips. They also have home groups where people meet regularly to read their Bibles and discuss them together.

Because of how REFUGE Dallas operates, it is an inclusive place where everyone can feel welcomed and participate. They are committed to creating a safe space for people of all backgrounds.

We want our Bible study groups to be gathering places where folks can come as they are – no matter what they’ve gone through or what questions come up regarding the Bible or life in general. We know there’s a lot of gray area between what we believe as Christians and what other religions say about topics related to Christianity.

People of different faiths and backgrounds come to REFUGE Dallas, a non-denominational church in Dallas that focuses on the Bible. REFUGE is the only evangelical church in Dallas with a focus on making disciples who share the message of Jesus and his love for people.

REFUGE Dallas is a Christian community in Dallas founded by Rebecca Turk, a former journalist and client services manager. REFUGE is like a church for singles and married couples who are interested in spiritual growth.

In other words, the staff at REFUGE Dallas use an AI tool to generate stories based on Bible verse texts at scale to help people connect with God.

It takes about six weeks for the AI tool to generate 10,000 stories or “thumbs up” responses to topics written by humans. The stories are divided into four categories: personal development, spiritual growth, practical life application and fun activities that bring people closer to their faith.

REFUGE Dallas is a non-denominational Christian church located in Dallas, Texas. They offer support to individuals and families that go through difficult times such as job loss, poverty or other financial hardships.

Refuge is a service of the Dallas Rescue Mission, working with individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness in the metroplex. However, Refuge has been helping people free from addiction as well as those going through long term physical and mental illnesses.

Based on their website, there are 4 types of ministries that Refuge offers :

– Life Groups – which are small groups of 8-12 people who meet regularly to learn how to apply God’s Word to their lives;

– Free Clinics – keep healthy by checking blood sugar levels or providing health education;

– Family Groups – for those struggling with mental illness

REFUGE Dallas is a new type of Bible study that is open to the public. The idea is to bring all the people of Dallas together for a gathering where they can study and discuss different topics.

What sets REFUGE Dallas apart from other Bible study groups is that it does not use lectures or sermons. Instead, there are food trucks and various activities, like playing games, as you would at a large family gathering.

The group has only been meeting for around two months, but attendance has already been great – all thanks to these activities.

Dallas, TX is a city of big ideas. It’s where the world comes together in a diversity of religions and cultures. REFUGE Dallas is one such idea that has drawn people from all walks of life to come together for weekly Bible study.

REFUGE Dallas, which was founded in 2007 by Rev. Dr. Ron Edwards, created a community center for people who feel like they do not belong anywhere else. The center offers something for everyone – from education for children through college to sports meets and other extracurricular activities.