REFUGE Dallas – come and meet the local people

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REFUGE Dallas – come and meet the local people


REFUGE Dallas is an international refuge of people from broken homes and poor communities. They provide various services such as a place to call home, food, education, counseling, and a community for children to play by providing them with a safe and nurturing environment.

It is designed to help those struggling with addiction or poverty in crisis get the help they need. Its aim is to provide them with everything they need so that they can go on with their lives without having to worry about anything else but their sobriety or well-being.

The first step of REFUGE’s model is the shelter which provides free bedding and essential household items so that men and women can live in dignity while they are waiting for their housing vouchers to be processed successfully. It also provides free food; counseling services; family support groups; education; medical care; job training classes; legal advice and more.

Through the shelter these individuals can gain confidence as well as face their challenges head.

REFUGE Dallas is a free evangelical, inter-denominational Bible study group that meets in different locations around Dallas each week.

REFUGE’s ultimate goal is to help Dallas residents become more fruitful in their relationship with Christ and develop a stronger relationship with one another.

It’s not just about finding out what your favorite Bible verse is or where to go for worship when you get home. It’s about coming together as friends and neighbors who want to grow in their Christian life together.

Each week, there are opportunities for those who want to dive deeper into the message of Scripture and discuss the topics at length before they move on to the next one.

REFUGE Dallas is a platform that connects people who want to practice a religion and people in need of spiritual support. Here you can find fellowship with others and get back on your feet.

This platform has three main values which are “to grow in faith, to learn more about the world, to love our neighbor.”

The idea of REFUGE Dallas came from a group of people in the community who wanted to provide a community for people to grow and thrive. They thought about hosting Bible studies at the shelter so that it would help people connect with God, but was unsure how to proceed.

REFUGE Dallas is not just another homeless shelter or food bank. It is much more than that – it provides a safe community where you can find hope, companionship, and spirituality.

REFUGE Dallas is a local nonprofit organization that helps people in need. It is an organization that offers a place to stay, food, shower, and fellowship. The most important aspect of the organization is their commitment to Christian values.

REFuge Dallas also offers bible study classes and one-on-one spiritual direction each day. These biblical teachings are especially helpful for those seeking freedom from addiction, poverty, and broken relationships.

Come out to REFuge Dallas on June 18th at the second service at 7 pm and hear some live music!

REFUGE Dallas is a community in North Texas that invites people from across the world to come and learn about Jesus Christ and to start a relationship with Him.

REFUGE Dallas is an extension of the gospel for all cultures. The Bible study meets each Sunday evening at 6:30pm in The Hub at REFUGE.