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The Cities of Refuge – Dallas


Dallas is the only city in Texas that is home to five different cities of refuge. These cities were built by the Alliance of Baptists in order to shelter people from persecution and provide them a place to find freedom. Today, these cities are only accessible through downtown Dallas.

Many believe these five biblical cities are a large part of the history of Dallas. They serve as an example that Dallas has always been strong in its relations with religion and politics, starting with its founding as a city years ago.

REFUGE Dallas is a church-based organisation that was created in response to the increasing number of people who were experiencing homelessness, poverty and addiction. REFUGE Dallas’ main programmes include Bible Study and support groups for parents and children.

The Cities of Refuge are a group of churches across North America, founded by Pastor Ron Carpenter when he saw the need for places of refuge for those who were living in unsafe environments. In 2008, Pastor Carpenter managed to gather 10 different churches together to launch REFUGE Dallas. As of today, there are over 40 Cities of Refuge across North America – with REFUGE Dallas being the largest by far.

The Cities of Refuge is a monthly Bible study where they discuss the passages from the Bible and what they can learn from it. They are also available to answer questions about the passages and to give advice on how to apply them in our lives.

Dallas is one of the Cities of Refuge that meets in public spaces like coffee shops and restaurants throughout the city. The group was started by students at North Dallas Community College with a goal of creating a safe place for them and their classmates to deal with life’s challenges – both academic and personal.

The Cities of Refuge was created by students at North Dallas Community College as a way for people, especially college students, who are struggling with life’s challenges to find support in a secular setting. Dallas is one of many cities that meet in public spaces, but it has been met with success due to its location- close proximity, large population size, low cost-to-participate (FREE!)

The Cities of Refuge – Dallas is a new church started in the heart of Dallas. The idea for a city-wide, 24/7 refuge from spiritual attack has been growing since God revealed the vision to Pastor Mark Driscoll in 2015.

Dallas, Texas is an American city in the South Central region of the United States. It is currently one of the most populated cities in America with over 7 million people living there. It also has a vibrant Christian community and an influential Christian music scene at large.

Within the Bible there are many cities that were built to serve as a safe haven for those fleeing from an enemy army. These Cities of Refuge were established to remind God’s people of how He had protected them in the past and to provide aid for those who needed it.

The REFuge Dallas was established as a City of Refuge for Dallasites in 1887. The goal of this city is to provide refuge from spiritual warfare and fight against wickedness. It has been said that it will never be taken by the enemy, but will always remain free.

In order to learn more about REFuge Dallas, I chose a few different resources that described what their goals, history, and description is on their website.

The Cities of Refuge was founded in 1998 by Erwin Lutzer, a Christian apologist and Bible scholar. The group is made up of Christians who want to do more than just study the Bible. They want to stop sinning and be intentional about their spiritual lives.

In Dallas, Texas there used to be a church that was called The Cities of Refuge. This church used to be something like a social club for people who were interested in getting closer with God – helping each other out with Bible study and prayer. In the late 1990s, it seemed as though the world was collapsing around them. They began teaching that sin doesn’t exist, but only evil exists. This belief led them into spiritual arrogance and pride which eventually got them in trouble with the law.

Now while they are still around today they have been renamed as REFUGE Dallas – it’s still the same church but now they have changed their focus from resting on religious dogma to doing practical things like helping