The Cities of Refuge – Dallas – Wednesday Night Prayer

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The Cities of Refuge – Dallas – Wednesday Night Prayer


In America, there are five Cities of Refuge. Dallas is one of them.

REFUGE is a Bible Study that meets Wednesday Nights in the City of Dallas. They offer Bible studies and spiritual enrichment to anyone who feels they need an opportunity to connect with God and start new or have a fresh experience with him. This can be an opportunity for people to develop their faith in Jesus Christ and the scriptures.

Wednesday Night Prayer Meetings in the City of Dallas offer opportunities for people trying to find peace from their busy lives. They meet at various places around the city, giving participants more options for their prayer needs.

The Cities of Refuge is a non-denominational Bible study hosted by Pastor Owen Strachan. It began in Dallas, Texas, and has now expanded to over 300 locations worldwide.

The Cities of Refuge-Dallas prayer group meets Wednesday nights from 6pm-7pm at the REFUGE Dallas House. Anyone can attend as they are open to everyone – regardless of faith or belief.

The group started with a small group of five people back in April 2018 and has grown tremendously over the course of this past year. They have taken on a new location every month and now have more than 100 attendees weekly.

Wednesday night prayer is an event hosted by REFUGE Dallas. Over one hundred people attend the event to study their Bible and pray together. The event is a safe place where people can come together in fellowship and learn how to live out Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness.

The City of Refuge, founded in 1872 is the oldest Baptist Church in Dallas. It was established as a place for refugees to come and have a place where they can be safe from persecution.

The City of Refuge has evolved into it’s own neighborhood where Christians of different denominations come together to pray, study, and fellowship in order to better their lives and the around them.

Wednesday night prayer meeting is an opportunity for people who need to reconnect with God.

Dallas is home to a number of churches, most of which are flourishing in their communities. In the past, these churches would have been able to reach into the city and serve a large number of people with the right resources. However, over time and as Dallas grew in size, this became more difficult.

In 2002 REFUGE Dallas was organized to provide a safe place for those who are looking for spiritual fellowship among their peers. From Wednesdays at 6pm until Thursday at 8am they meet in various locations around Dallas to study the Bible while providing fellowship and encouragement as well as food, drink, and hospitality that is freely given by members of REFUGE Dallas.

REFUGE Dallas is a church that comes together on Wednesday nights for a Bible Study. The church is building a community where everyone can feel welcome and find refuge.

Explain about the location of REFUGE Dallas, how it was founded, and why it was founded as well as its mission statement.


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The Refugee Displacement Project aims to utilize the word “refugee” more broadly than assumed: “refugee” can be anyone compelled to flee their homeland because of conflict or persecution–people displaced by failure of climate change or economic instability in their home country, but also people who.